What Are the Main Reasons for Choosing All-on-4 Dental Implants?

What Are the Main Reasons for Choosing All-on-4 Dental Implants?

Nov 02, 2021

When it comes to teeth, they are among the precious assets human beings have. Healthy and well-structured teeth not only support one’s eating habits but can also contribute to enhancing the appearance of the person.

In this modern age, dental problems are increasing just because of changing lifestyles and poor eating habits. But thankfully, dentistry is also improving in parallel and it has solutions for every possible dental problem.

There are numerous dental procedures available that may vary with the requirements of the patients and ofcourse the dental issue he/she has. There was a time when there was no way available to have a lost tooth back. But today everything is possible.

Patients don’t need to lower their self-esteem and leave their normal life routine just because of dental problems. One can go and get it corrected any time, but make sure to choose an authentic and skilled dentist.

Implants are the most common treatment available when we talk about the retaining of a missing tooth permanently. But what if, one has missed several teeth in his/her mouth? and is in the hunt of having a stable and reliable solution to recover their loss? Here comes all 4 implants. Read our blog to everything about this incredible treatment.

What Are All-on- 4 Implants?

They are the combination of several dental solutions to provide permanent and authentic dental solutions to the patients who are missing several teeth in their mouth.

The treatment involves a survey and after the surgery, patients can retain their loss. The treatment is best suited for those patients looking forward to a permanent solution for their dental issues.

In the mentioned treatment, patients go through four implants rather than going to multiple implants replacing each tooth. It is feasible to replace teeth from the upper as well as from the lower jaw.

Why Should One Go for All-on-4 Dental Implants? Benefits You Need to Know

Teeth are important and nobody can deny the fact. Natural teeth can’t be replaced by any means of dental procedure no matter how advanced dentistry becomes.

Unfortunately, if you have lost them, now it’s time to go for robust treatment like all-on-4 dental implants. There are numerous advantages of having the treatment done in your mouth. Here we have listed some of them:

  • Saves Your Gums from Recession 

When you lose your teeth and leave them untreated, the situation causes receding of gums over a period of time. It also results in other oral issues too. The mentioned treatment saves your gums from further decay. So, in case you have lost your natural teeth and they are severely decayed you must get them replaced without wasting more time.

  • A Permanent and Long-Lasting Smile

When it comes to a replacement for a full set of teeth people prefer to go for dentures but they are not as comfortable as implants are. They require proper care and a complete oral care regime and with the passage of time, they tend to recede gums.

Besides this, it starts causing other dental oral problems. But all in 4 dental implants grant you a permanent and beautiful smile within your pocket range and with just one surgery.

  • You Can Eat What You Want

There is a fear of chipping and breakage when it comes to dentures and you have to be careful about what you are consuming and how it is going to impact your set of teeth.

But in the case of implants, there are very few instructions about food because they are stronger than dentures and are more stable. Apart from this, all-on-4 Implants aftercare is so simple and can be done through simple steps and instructions.

Are You Ready for the Appointment?

Missing your natural teeth is a serious loss and highly unfortunate. But in case it has happened to you, don’t worry solutions are available that are capable enough for providing comfort and facility for you.

We have been providing authentic dental solutions for years and if you are searching for one, just contact us any time. We will surely help you to solve your problems and retain your smile with powerpack functionality back. Schedule your appointment with 3rd & Columbia Dental today!