What Are the Dos and Don’ts after Botox Treatment?

What Are the Dos and Don’ts after Botox Treatment?

May 01, 2023

Everyone thinks dynamic wrinkles appearing on their face impact their appearance to make them appear older. However, wrinkles and fine lines are part of the aging process affecting everyone. If you have developed a similar problem, you can avail Botox injections near you because it is excellent to minimize their appearance.

When you consider Botox injections, you might have several questions about when you can wash your face after receiving the therapy, whether you can exercise, and how you can maximize results from the treatment. In addition, you may wonder whether you need to get follow-up appointments after receiving Botox, an injectable neurotoxin under your skin.

This article addresses answers to most questions to make you confident when receiving Botox injectables near you from an experienced provider.

Botox injectables are neurotoxins your face requires extra attention after receiving botox treatment near you to minimize fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face. After receiving this therapy, we have put together a list of dos and don’ts for help to make your skin appear younger and rejuvenated. Kindly read for more details.

We suggest you follow the mentioned dos and don’ts to achieve smoother, fuller, and younger skin with Botox. When you visit their office to receive the treatment, you will receive excellent attention from the providers. However, after completing the therapy and leaving the provider’s office, you must follow the dos and don’ts listed to achieve the best results from the treatment.

Dos after Botox Treatment

  • Keep the Treatment Area Clean: Although the injection sites are barely noticeable, the injectables penetrate your skin. Therefore the injection sites require attention similar to other wounds on your body. You must keep the area clean and free of sweat, dirt, or other irritants.
  • Follow-Up Appointments Essential: After receiving Botox therapy from the dentist in Seattle, WA, a follow-up appointment with the practitioner is essential to ensure your body responds well to the treatment. The dentist will check to ensure Botox migration is not taking place. However, you do not have to visit the Seattle provider the day after your treatment because they recommend seeing them after two weeks.
  • Exercise Your Facial Muscles: Exercising your facial muscles by smiling, frowning, and facial expressions help the Botox settle into the targeted muscles. You must note that you will not experience adverse results if you fail to exercise the facial muscles. However, many believe exercising helps enhance Botox’s effects to provide faster results.
  • Stay Hydrated: Your skin appears beautiful when it is hydrated. Conversely, dehydration can cause your skin to appear dry, dull, and unhealthy. Therefore you must ensure you stay hydrated to maximize the results of Botox.
  • Sleep on Your Back: the night after receiving Botox treatment, it is an excellent idea to sleep on your back instead of your stomach or the sides. Sleeping on the back minimizes the pressure exerted on the treatment area enabling the Botox to settle in the targeted muscles.
  • Avoid Other Skin Treatments: after receiving Botox injectables, you must avoid other skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, micro-needling, and chemical peels because they can interfere with Botox recovery. Therefore you must avoid other skin treatments for at least 14 days after this therapy.

Don’ts after Botox Treatment

  • Avoid Using Scented Soaps: when the provider confirms you can wash your face, you might think using your regular body wash will serve the purpose because it is scented. However, the Seattle dentist warns against using scented versions of soaps, opting instead for mild cleansers on the treatment sites. The prevention is to ensure you don’t irritate areas of your face that received the Botox injectables.
  • Don’t Lay down for Four Hours: You can consider lying down after Botox treatment only after four to six hours to prevent the Botox from migrating to other parts of your facial muscles. Therefore, it is best that you receive Botox treatment in the morning or early afternoon, giving yourself time off at least four hours until you get to bed.
  • Avoid Strenuous Activities: during the initial 24 hours after receiving treatment, you must avoid strenuous activities to prevent swelling and irritation in the treatment area.
  • Avoid Alcohol: While you don’t have to give up alcohol for life, you must refrain from drinking for 24 hours after receiving Botox treatment to enhance the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Alcohol dehydrates your body and may also cause redness in the injection sites.
  • Avoid Using Make-Up: Make-Up irritates the treatment site making it better to avoid applying make-up for 24 hours after receiving the treatment. The avoidance also helps minimize irritation and infections in the treatment area.

If you want to learn more about the dos and don’ts after receiving Botox treatments, 3rd & Columbia Dental provides this therapy with comprehensive details on how to care for your skin. Visit the practice with your questions with the confidence of receiving all answers before you improve your skin’s appearance with Botox.