What Are the Alternatives to All-on-4 for Full Mouth Tooth Replacement?

What Are the Alternatives to All-on-4 for Full Mouth Tooth Replacement?

Aug 01, 2023

The popularity of all-on-4 therapy, non-removable dentures held by four or more dental implants to replace teeth in a jaw, has encouraged patients not to look for alternatives. However, there are two implant substitutes to the all-on-4, and patients can contemplate between fixed bridges on implants and removable implant retained dentures.

If replacement options for all teeth in a jaw are considered, four alternatives are on the market, including the all-on-4 concept. Many dental practices suggest removing all teeth via extraction to accommodate implants, even if several natural teeth remain in an arch. The dentist in Seattle believes they should provide patients with all viable solutions without contemplating extracting natural teeth in optimal condition. However, the dentist offers the alternatives below for patients with no teeth.

Bridges on Implants

The Seattle dentist offers an excellent option with bridges on implants to replace two, three, or four teeth providing fixed, non-removable bridges attached to implants. Bridges on implants are more beneficial than the all-on-4 concept because it makes bone removal unnecessary. In addition, bridges on implants appear and function like natural teeth and do not cause any changes to your speech. Cleaning bridges on implants is easy because they have no unnatural contours that are challenging to clean. In addition, bridges on implants require no unique abutments, unlike the all-on-4 needing abutments unfriendly to the bone and tissue.

All-on-4 Concept

Technically the name for this dental prosthetic is hybrid or fixed detachable. It is removed by the Seattle dentist when or if not needed by the patient. All-on-4 is also associated with the name teeth in a day. If you need the all-on-4 implants in Seattle, the dentist strategically places four or six dental implants in your jaw after considering various factors in the patient’s jaw anatomy.

The all-on-4 concept is widespread globally, making many inexperienced dentists attempt the procedure for high-profit gain. However, the therapy results in a dentures type prosthesis attaching to multiple implants made from titanium or zirconia. Tooth breakage is expected if the dentist chooses the wrong material or the patient has a strong bite. However, it is an excellent option when the Seattle dentist uses the appropriate combination of materials and examines the patient for issues like bruxism to provide an aesthetic, functional, and comfortable result delivering full mouth rehabilitation.

Removable Implant Retained Dentures

Removable implant-retained dentures snap onto dental implants and can be removed for cleaning daily. If you need removable implant retained dentures, the Seattle dentist will discuss how much retention is essential and adjust the prosthesis by changing the retention attachment snapping onto the implants. The snap-on extensions are available in seven different strengths and enable the dental professional to adjust the stability for retention. Although two dental implants generally support removable implant-retained dentures, dentists suggest getting four. It is the least expensive implant option to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, it requires frequent follow-ups to replace the retention attachment.

Complete Dentures

If you have noticed your grandparents removing their teeth for storage in a glass and wish to replace your missing teeth with a similar prosthesis, you can discuss complete dentures with the Seattle dentist. Complete dentures may benefit your situation if you have inadequate jawbone to support dental implants or face financial constraints. However, it helps if you understand dentures don’t receive support from your jawbone and make you encounter challenges with the replacement teeth because they make chewing and speaking difficult as they slip and shift enamel. However, this is a time-tested treatment for tooth replacement, allowing you to replace one or all teeth in a jaw to complement your smile. Although dentures help restore your aesthetic appearance, they are not the most comfortable or functional. The downsides of dentures make them the least preferred option for full-mouth tooth replacement.

When contemplating tooth replacement solutions, discussing your requirements with the Seattle dentist and allowing them to suggest the best alternative is best. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, have the all-on-4 concept. However, if you are looking to rehabilitate your entire mouth, you will find no better option than the all-on-4 tooth replacement solution providing the stability and durability needed for replacement teeth.

If you want to replace all teeth in a jaw, kindly arrange an appointment with 3rd & Columbia Dental to discuss various options available to achieve your goal. Besides offering you the all-on-4 implant concept, the dentist in Seattle also provides alternatives to having an entire row of teeth in a jaw to complement your smile.