What are the Advantages of Dental Bonding?

What are the Advantages of Dental Bonding?

Jan 03, 2022

Dental bonding is a type of dental cosmetic treatment that improves the appearance of a tooth by covering up imperfections. The procedure involves applying a tooth-colored resin onto the surface of a flawed tooth and then sculpting it to suit your desires. It is an alternative treatment to veneers or crowns. But before you make the final decision to get your teeth bonded, it helps to understand the benefits the procedure offers. This way you make an informed choice, knowing what to expect.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • Natural-Looking Smile

Composite resin is used in the bonding process. Its esthetic quality as a restorative material is great since it can be matched to the shade of your existing natural teeth. Repairing a damage tooth with composite bonding therefore leaves you feeling confident to smile without being worried that people will notice you underwent a cosmetic procedure.

Additionally, the resin comes in a putty-like form that makes it easily adaptable so that your dentist can sculpt it to address your specific needs. It also has a smooth finish, similar to that of your natural teeth, thus you can tell the difference. Resin firmly adheres onto the tooth’s surface and as long as you are working with a reputable difference, it can be difficult for someone to know you’ve had your teeth bonded.

  • Fixes a Variety of Problems

Composite bonding teeth can cover up several flaws. Some situations when the procedure can be considered include:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • To cover up severely stained or discolored teeth
  • To close gaps between teeth
  • To change the shape and size of a tooth
  • To fill up small cavities
  • To protect part of a tooth’s root that is exposed after gums recede

The good thing about the versatile nature of dental bonds is that you can correct more than one problem with just a single procedure. For instance, if a tooth is both discolored and fractured, bonding can help improve its appearance.

  • Cost-Effective

Composite resin is an economical restorative material and this helps make teeth bonding near you to be quite affordable. The process is also very simple with little prep work needed. When compared to other cosmetic procedures with the ability to fix the same problems, tooth bonding is a great and effective choice for patients on a budget.

Although affordable, bonding is not for everyone. Dentists in Seattle will first have to evaluate you to ensure you get the appropriate treatment to meet your needs.

  • Takes a Short Time

Whether you are getting dental bonding for gaps or a cracked tooth, the process requires just a single dental visit to complete. You do not have to wait weeks and go for numerous appointments to get the smile you wish for.

  • Generally Safe

It is a minimally invasive procedure when compared to restorations like veneers and dental crowns. The best thing about teeth bonding is that it does not interfere with the structure of the tooth. Once it is determined that your teeth are healthy enough for the treatment, the enamel is etched and then composite resin is applied. This process is usually quick and painless and can be performed without use of anesthesia or sedation. However, some patients such as those with special needs or dental phobia may need to be sedated to make the process easier on them.

There are no serious risks or complications associated with the process of getting your teeth bonded. You may experience a slight discomfort afterwards but nothing to get in the way of your everyday activities. In fact, there is no downtime associated with dental bonding. However, you need to understand that composite bonding is not as strong as your natural teeth and therefore is at risk of damage if not properly cared for. The composite resin used also stains easily and thus need to avoid tobacco use and staining foods and drinks.

If you are looking for teeth bonding near you, contact 3rd & Columbia Dental to learn more about how it could transform your smile.