Sealants in Seattle, WA

Parents can have such busy schedules that they may overlook how their children are taking care of their teeth. Excellent oral health habits are essential to avoid the damaging effects of tooth decay. However, many parents find it challenging to oversee their children’s techniques for proper brushing and flossing each day.

Our dentists in Seattle, WA are invested in providing your family with the best preventive oral care. Dental sealants help prevent tooth decay in molars, especially for young children who can be prone to cavities. Our dentists near you will apply a protective coating to these back teeth as a preventive measure to keep cavities from forming. 3rd & Columbia Dental offers the protection of dental sealants in Seattle, WA.

Sealants in Seattle, WA

Preventive Care and Sealants

Children are often more at risk for oral health issues. Dental sealants provide protection against material that results in tooth decay. This protection can bring peace of mind for parents, in addition to saving time and money in avoiding future dental treatments such as fillings.

Of course, parents should know that sealants don’t replace excellent at-home oral health habits for children or adults. However, they add an effective measure of prevention against tooth decay when paired with excellent oral hygiene.

Benefits of Sealants Near You

Brushing and flossing are not enough to remove tiny food particles that collect in the crevices of molar teeth. These particles break down, causing bacteria, acid, and other forms of decay that affect the surface of teeth by forming cavities and other dental issues. The protective coating of sealants guards against this decay.

Covering molars with sealant material reduces the risk of forming cavities, especially in children whose molars are just breaking through the gum surface. During an in-office visit, our dentists in Seattle, WA will apply sealant coating to the grooves of molars with a special instrument to ensure it hardens and adheres to each tooth. Over time, sealants can be reapplied if necessary.

Sealants significantly reduce the negative effects of tooth decay in molars and are an investment in the health of your children’s teeth. This enhances long-term protection against cavities and helps children maintain good oral health. Contact 3rd & Columbia Dental for information about getting sealants near you.