Bridges in Seattle, WA

A dental bridge is part of restorative dentistry, featuring an apparatus that is designed to “bridge” a gap in the mouth caused by a missing permanent tooth. Bridges in Seattle, WA are made up of one or more replacement teeth, created to look and function just like your original teeth.

Though permanent tooth loss can be common among adults, any gap in your mouth can make you feel self-conscious. If you are missing a single permanent tooth or more, this can affect your smile and overall confidence. Dental bridges can be a solution for restoring confidence in your appearance by replacing missing teeth with ones that look original. 3rd & Columbia Dental offers bridges near you as a restorative procedure for patients missing one or more permanent teeth.

Bridges in Seattle, WA

What Are Dental Bridges?

In general, a dental bridge features two dental crowns that are fitted to the teeth on either side of a gap caused by a missing permanent tooth. These crowns hold the replacement tooth in place between them. Our dentists near you will create a false tooth to look and function just like the original tooth that you are missing.

Creating a bridge usually requires more than one in-office visit to design and implant the apparatus. This involves preparing the teeth where the crowns are to be placed and then creating impressions of your teeth to use as a model for constructing the bridge.

During a follow-up visit with our dentists in Seattle, WA, your dental bridge will be implanted and adjusted to create a comfortable and natural-looking fit. This restores both the aesthetics of your teeth and the way they function.

Benefits of Dental Bridges Near You

Though the primary purpose of dental bridges is to fill gaps in the mouth caused by missing teeth, bridges offer many aesthetic and functional oral health benefits. Here are some additional benefits of getting bridges with our dentists near you:

  • Eliminate the appearance of tooth gaps
  • Help restore or maintain the ability to properly chew, bite, and/or speak
  • Maintain form of mouth and bite as well as the shape of the face
  • Prevent remaining permanent teeth from shifting to fill gaps

Missing even one permanent tooth can affect how you feel about your appearance.  Thanks to bridges, a missing tooth doesn’t have to leave a permanent gap. Contact 3rd & Columbia Dental for information about dental bridges near you and other restorative procedures.