5 Troubles with Braces You Can Avoid with Invisalign in Seattle, WA

5 Troubles with Braces You Can Avoid with Invisalign in Seattle, WA

Dec 01, 2022

It is never too late to get the sparkling smile. Invisalign and braces are the two famous orthodontic procedures available today to treat teeth slowly. Invisalign is the most state-of-the-art technology in the world of clear aligners. Many orthodontic or dental insurance providers cover this revolutionary treatment. Since braces and Invisalign are FDA-approved devices that offer good outcomes, it’s hard to figure out which treatment is the best.

What Problems that Braces Wearers Can Avoid with Invisalign?

Check out how Invisalign aligners help braces patients:

Unattractive Appearance

Did you know nearly one-third of every adult in the United States is unhappy with their smile? It can be due to crooked teeth, stained teeth, gapped teeth, etc. Traditional braces consist of a lot of unsightly metal. It makes the braces highly noticeable to people and creates an unattractive look. When you eat, food bits get stuck in between the braces. It makes cleaning difficult and increases the risk of tooth decay.

Clear Invisalign braces do not have any metal pieces. It makes them virtually invisible and the most preferred choice by many people. Young individuals can reap the perks of Invisalign treatment. Protruding, damaged, or crooked teeth make the person feel less attractive, less confident and also affects overall health in many ways.

Pain and Discomfort

Many people prefer Invisalign over traditional braces because they cause pain and discomfort. The wires and brackets may hurt the soft and sensitive tissues in the mouth. It leads to irritation and soreness. Moreover, patients cannot eliminate metal braces from their mouth.

When you get Invisalign treatment, the dental professional will give you a series of trays to wear for a few weeks. He/she will suggest to replace the aligner tray after one week. Each tray repositions the teeth gently and incrementally. It means the aligners can shift the teeth in any direction – vertically or horizontally.

The plastic aligners do not have rough edges of brackets or poking wires. Since the aligners uses medically-approved polyurethane resin, they make the patient comfortable. It provides more control to the wearer when it comes to teeth straightening.

Restrictions on the Food You Consume

With braces, patients cannot eat the food they desire. They also need to adhere to a perfect dental hygiene routine to maintain the oral health. For example, patients need to avoid chewy, hard, and sticky foods or chewing gum, etc.

The tiny bits from these foods can accumulate around the brackets and under the wires. It declines your dental health and increases the need for the dentist to use special tools to eliminate the grime. For getting straighter teeth using Invisalign treatment, patients do not need to change their diet or dental hygiene routine. It means zero restrictions.

More Waiting Time

Nowadays, traditional braces are no longer a choice for straightening teeth. Invisalign near you is a good alternative to braces. It not only allows the patient to achieve a sparkling straight smile but also has less waiting time. Few patients wear plastic aligners for several months while others use them for up to one year.

You only need to fix an appointment for clear Invisalign braces at 3rd & Columbia Dental. Before performing the procedure, the expert will ensure that your gums and teeth are in optimal health.

Dental Problems

With age, misalignment of teeth and bite problems become more common. Invisalign treatment can help the patient address many dental issues like underbite, gaps between teeth, crossbite, open bite, overcrowded teeth, overbite, and protruding teeth.

Fixing orthodontic problems can also get rid of many other dental health problems. They include gingivitis, bad breath, teeth sensitivity, chipping of teeth, etc. If you wear the invisible clear aligners without fixing your underlying dental problems, it increases the risk of periodontal disease and decay. Remember, straight teeth can give you a healthy and happy mouth. We can say Invisalign is a wise investment.

Get Invisalign Today

If you feel awkward about your appearance, consider the best orthodontic solution like Invisalign near you. The treatment is a breeze. The dentist in Seattle, WA customizes the plastic aligner for the teeth of the patient. The good part is that you can continue the dental procedure without compromising your smile.